Communication Middleware for Monitoring Financial Critical Infrastructure
Project Motivation

Nowadays ICT-based financial infrastructures are becoming largely used by financial actors, businesses, and ordinary people worldwide in order to carry out everyday financial activities. As a consequence, a huge amount of financial transactions are being conducting over such ICT financial  nfrastructures, generating traffic that is carried also over publicly accessible communication mediums (for example, Internet), and involves commodity hardware and software.

In order to guarantee key requirements such as stability, availability, and continuity of the financial services, it becomes crucial to protect the above mentioned infrastructures from faults and security attacks that may significantly compromise the result of financial transactions. As of today, attempts to guarantee such a protection are investigated on an intra financial domain basis only (such as inside a bank or a brokerage firm), ignoring those threats that can arise from cross domain interactions. Cross-domain interactions may span different organization boundaries as they may involve a variety of infrastructure systems such as telecommunication supply, electricity supply, banking, insurance, and finance agencies. We call the set of these systems the global financial ecosystem.

The emerging trend towards globally integrated enterprises raises a urgent need of monitoring the overall financial ecosystem in order to improve the situation-awareness of each involved organization. This advanced form of global monitoring is currently missing. Hence, CoMiFin aims to enhance the situation-awareness of financial organizations with the use of a distributed and secure monitoring software system.

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