Communication Middleware for Monitoring Financial Critical Infrastructure

Starting from June 1st 2010 CoMiFin is cooperating with SANDIA Laboratory as part of the CoMiFin-ICA (International Cooperation Aspects) project. The objective of the joint work is to show the added value of cooperation in the management of Financial Critical Infrastructure through formal modelling. Activities in CoMiFin-ICA involve public workshops and internal working sessions to disseminate the results of the CoMiFin project and NISAC/Sandia (

Both projects represent the leading edges in the research about financial infrastructures modelling, management and protection in European Union and United States. The cooperation between those two projects aims at establishing a collaboration in order to reinforce convergent results and leverage on complementary activities. CoMiFin project will disseminate its knowledge on cooperative financial systems in US, and will benefit of NISAC/Sandia knowledge about critical infrastructure modeling. NISAC/Sandia project will obtain advantages from the cooperation with CoMiFin because they can validate the models formalizing the complex behaviour of financial critical infrastructures and related businesses activities through the cooperation architectures proposed in CoMiFin.

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